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Espresso (doppio) $2.75

Two shots of espresso served with sparkling water on the side

Americano $3 / $3.25

Four shots of espresso served over water // Hot or Iced

Extra Shot $.5

Espresso + Milk


A Traditional Macchiatto


A Traditional Cappuccino

Latte $4 / $4.25

We serve our Latte’s 12 oz hot / 16 oz iced

+ Flavor $.25

Organic Mocha, Organic Vanilla, Organic Honey Lavender, Orange Blossom

+ Special Milk

Almond Milk ($.25), Califia Almond Milk* ($.5) Organic Milk ($.5)

Filter Coffee



This is our House Coffee.

Slow PourMarket Value

We rotate through single origins for our slow bar, so the price is determined by how much we spend on each coffee.


Brewster$3.75 / $4**

Our Cold Brew coffee, we also bottle it.

Tan Brewster$4.25 / $4.5**

Our Cold Brew coffee, with a splash of milk & vanilla simple syrup.

*When Available / **Price in the bottle